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April 19, 2006



In that case, people are just dumb... MVP award is for what you do on the court, and not for being a good guy. This year was his best so far, and better than most players ever to play in the NBA.


That's the whole point. The dude's having a stellar season and he's listed at 4th or 5th in the MVP voting list.

I just feel that too many people simply hate the guy and he'll never get a sniff at the award.


Wow, you hit right on the head. This season was in the top 7 scoring performances of all-time. There's three players on that list, Kobe, Wilt, and MJ. The Lakers are in the playoffs. He scored 81 in a game!!!!! What does the man have to do. Every single player in the league says he is the best player. Even the ones that hate him. The media is simply out of control. And don't give me the you have to be a contender to be considered because I don't recall the 87-88 Bulls being considered championship contenders, yet MJ still one the award that year. If Nash wins the award he will be the WORST two time MVP in the history of the league. Think about it Nash shouldn't even make the Hall of Fame based on his career to this point, yet he is going to be the TWO TIME MVP. That's a distinction that is usually left for guys like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson. Shaq hasn't even won two MVPs. That is how you know the media should not be voting for this award.

Chris Clarke

I said similar things when I wrote about Kobe last week. Think about this season: it will go down as his best year in the NBA, with the +35ppg, the game of 81, the game of 62 in 3/4 of a game, taking a bunch of nobodies to the playoffs on his back...all this adds up to his best season ever, by a mile. My guess is that he won't ever have a season like this again.

So if he doesn't win MVP this year, and assuming he can't top this past season's performance, he won't win an MVP during his career. Each year after this one, voters will look back on this season and say, "Well, he's had better numbers and played better, and he didn't win the MVP then so..."

So this might be it for Kobe. I said he'll go down as one of the greatest ever without an MVP, possibly the greatest ever.


"Each year after this one, voters will look back on this season and say, "Well, he's had better numbers and played better, and he didn't win the MVP then so...""

Great point! I can absolutely hear the ESPN sreamers saying that in 2009.


I wouldn't say this is Kobe's best and only chance to win MVP. He has many years ahead of him, and will have several opportunities to be named MVP. Remember: Michael Jordan didn't win the MVP during his best statistical season (1986-87).

Being the best player in the league (and how do you quantify that, anyway?)doesn't necessarily mean you're the Most Valuable Player. Consider the Kobe versus Steve Nash debate for example. Take a long, hard look at the team rosters. The Suns do not, by any stretch of the imagination, have a demonstrably superior roster to the Lakers (particularly without Amare). The Lakers, on the other hand, have the consensus "best player" in the league, and they are coached by a man considered to be the one of the top two or three coaches ever. The Suns have been riddled with injury, and are led by a third year coach who hasn't won anything meaningful. All things being equal, there's no reason the Lakers shouldn't have a better record than the Suns.

But all things aren't equal, and the Suns won the division, finishing 9 games better than the third place Lakers. Moreover, the Suns won the season series against the Lakers, 3-1, and Nash didn't even play in the game the Lakers won.

So who's more valuable? While it's true that Kobe is a better player than Nash, and he certainly willed the Lakers to a number of victories that would otherwise have been losses, the final question is this: who was more successful in raising the level of play of his teammates? Nash does more to make his teammates better than Kobe does. Kobe is the best individual performer in the NBA right now, by far. But he does not raise the level of play of his teammates. They succeed more despite him than because of him. That fact makes Nash more valuable, even if he is the lesser player.


Here's the thing about all the Nash pub. What about the season that Shawn Marion is having? The guy deserves the team MVP as much as Nash. While Nash may provide the assists and run the offense, Marion is doing the rest. Somehow everyone is forgetting what Marion means to Phoenix (21.8 points and 11.8 rebounds).


Kobe lost his MDE, ended up in the lottery.

It took Phil coming back and instituting a, system, to help the Lakers make 7th seed. The "all Kobe, all the time", system did not work.

Nash lost Amare, dropped to 2nd seed in the western conference.

As Craig says, what about Marion? Well, Marion and Nash are both still there, but after watching the two games Nash sat out and the one Marion sat out, do you really have any question as to who is more valuable in terms of wins? Not talking stats, Diaw put up 2 triple doubles when Nash was out, Suns still lost both games.

Personally, without Phil, Kobe is still in the lottery. Heck, they only made the playoffs by the skin of their teeth.


I'm not trying to take anything away from what Marion has accomplished this season. But Nash is the engine that runs that team. Remember: both Marion and Stoudemire were part of the 29-win Suns team that existed before Nash got there, and Marion's numbers were almost the same (19 and 9). His improved output this season is partly due to the fact that he's getting some of Amare's shots and rebounds. But compared to last year he's only up 2.4 points and 0.5 rebounds. He's simply getting more attention this year due to Amare's absence.

It's funny, too, because Lamar Odom is just as critical to the Lakers success as Marion is to the Suns. Let's compare:

Marion's line: 21.8 ppg, 11.8 rpg, and 1.8 apg.

Odom's line: 14.8 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 5.5 apg

Marion scores seven points more per game, but Lamar passes for at least 6 more points per game. Marion grabs a few more rebounds, but Odom gets more people involved. Statistically, their a virtual wash.

Both of these guys fill critical roles for their teams. But Kobe defines the Lakers, and Nash defines the Suns. Both teams are depend on their leaders to run the show. And to me, Nash is better at running the show and making the lesser players better than Kobe. The team record seems to bear that out, because, as I said, the talent pool for both teams is pretty similar.


For Dirk Nowitzki to do what he has done ALL season, I don't understand why everyone is overlooking him.

His supporting cast is miles weaker than all the other contenders. Terry and Howard combined don't even put up the numbers Marion or Odom do. And he's consistently put up insane numbers and carried the team despite various injuries to his teamates.

Having said that, the Mavs haven't scraped tooth and nail to get into the playoffs. They contended for 1st OVERALL.

He's white, he's German and he's more hated on than Kobe but my moneys on Dirk for MVP.


I agree with Dirk, he hasn't gotten enough credit for his team's success.

But I do disagree with the assertion that "His supporting cast is miles weaker than all the other contenders." Stackhouse, Howard, and Terry alone (not to mention Van Horn) are a million times better than say, Chris Mihm, Kwame Brown, Devean F. George, Brian Cook, etc. on the Lakers. Believe me, those guys REALLY suck.


Terry is maginally better than Parker. I'd take Odom over Howard any time. Stack and Van Horn are nothing more than great name players in and out of the lineup bc of injuries. Maybe a million times better than their Laker couterparts but I wouldn't overvalue those two.

Mihm, Brown, George, Cook suck but how much more so than Dampier, Diop, Harris, Griffin?

Alright maybe the Mavs aren't miles weaker than the Lakers. Toss in Phil Jackson and I'd say the Lakers and Mavs are 1a and 1b. Cleveland comes close (Det and Pho are untouchable). And out of these 3, the Mavs are 60+ winners.

Chris Clarke

All this over Kobe? Yeesh. He will get a lot of votes, but so will Nash, Dirk, LeBron, Dwyane, etc. It's just one big guess if you don't have the inside track on the MVP voting.

Just a thought: Imagine co-MVPs. Would you be upset?


Co-MVPs would be interesting... Though I can see it leading to an Eastern Conference MVP and Western Conference MVP for future seasons (which they do for all the Player of the Week and Rookie of the Week awards).

However with 5 true candidates this season (Billups, Kobe, Nowizki, LeBron and Nash), a co-MVP would just piss me off more since WE ALL KNOW that the media would split the vote between Nash and LeBron.

My whole point in this initial post was that the media would never vote on Kobe no matter what he does because they simply can't and don't like him (he's like the NBA version of Barry Bonds). It was killing me to hear that in many cases Kobe finished 4th or 5th in the voting. Now Kobe may not be the MVP this season (I feel it's Chauncey Billups, which I will justify later this week), but he's not 5th in the voting either.


I'm a Lakers fan and a Kobe fan. I understand all the aruguements about team standing and individual standing. A complete player vs a complete team player. Watching Kobe play last night I think is what people wanted out of Kobe in order for him to be considered MVP. So if their record and standing won their division then maybe he truly has reached the pinnacle of what an MVP is all about. But since they did not reveals that there is still work to be done. NBA history repeats itself and is self explanatory.When Shaq first worked in the triangle they won over 60 games, won the division, and his teammates all elevated their games on route to an NBA championship 99-00 and was MVP of the league. Although they were a dynasty their next 2 seasons, they did not maintain the regular season dominance, sacrificing individual accolades for NBA championship goals. So that's why Shaq was not considered for MVP. This is why MVP should not be something to cry over. MVP of the NBA finals would make for a fitting crown for any player as Shaq is on a truly exclusive group. But in Kobe's case I think this will be his only vindication to win an NBA championship and get voted the MVP of the finals. Of all the multiple regular season MVP's only 2 don't have championships. Nash and Karl Malone. Only time will tell if Nash's offensive brilliance and lack of defense will win him a ring. And only time will tell if Kobe can evolve to be the player that can will his killer instinct by not only being just a sniper but the floor general that runs the army to a NBA title. Personally I would choose Chauncey as MVP because he's the floor general that is leading them to the best record in the NBA. They dominated Eastern & Western teams. 2nd Dirk. 3rd Nash and 4th Brand 5th Kobe and 6th Lebron because the east didn't even require a .500 record to make the playoffs. Plus Lebron's Road record is 19-22. Not exactly MVP like when you lose on the road.


The only way Kobe will win the MVP is if in the preseason he hold up a little white baby (maybe yours) and smiles to the press with sincerity. Then he would need for Nash, Nowitski, and any other foreign born player to have years not good as the previous year, and Phil Jackson to not coach the uncoachable and the Lakers gain home court advantage in the playoffs. If and only if all of these things happen in 2007 then just maybe Kobe might get strong consideration for MVP. Your ideas are just as wild as mine so please consider.

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