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March 04, 2006



I think Phoenix would be better off in the long run sitting Stoudamire out for the rest of the season.

Minutes and chemistry would be a big reason to keep him out. Chemistry is the key as only 3 players on Phoenix (Marion, Nash and Barbosa) have played with Stoudamire. Maybe Stoudamire would take up the minutes injured Kurt Thomas had, but with a few weeks left, I think it would be really hard to get back to last season's level.


ummm... ok joking right...

would you seriously leave amare out of your teams lineup

if they seriously want to compete with all the other top teams in the west they need amare at full strength


I'm serious! Look at what the Sactown Kings did in 2004. They were the best team 60 games into the season, Webber came back from injury and killed the chemistry and their playoff seeding. They ended up losing to Minnesota in the second round.

With an 80% healthy Stoudamire, the Suns are still not better than San Antonio. So why not just let him get completely healthy for next season.

Though, when Stoudamire carries the Suns to the Western Conference Finals, I'll erase the above entry and rewrite "Amare should play!"


i wouldn't expect amare's return to shake things up too much if anything he will use it to tune up for a playoff run. He has only been allowed to shoot jumpers for almost a year now so i am sure that his shooting has improved the rest of his game as he works his way into shape should come along fine if anything the other players will get some rest and Diaw can always play point (kidding)

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