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March 29, 2006



i am afraid , its the same story all over again. the mavs will be gone in the second round. still weak in the middle .dampier experiment went kaput.diop is a back up guy forced to play main central char.
mark c. needs to take out his checkbook again .


The Wiz-Kings game was amazing last night.


I'm pretty sure you're kidding Sean, but in case you're not...The DAL=DET game was a matchup of two teams with the best records in the league, one of which will be your NBA champs this year, and the other gave them all they could handle on the road. The teams exchanged big shots the entire 4th quarter.

The only thing that seemed interesting about the WIZ game was that Arenas sat it out "with an apparent case of the flu." Translation: SAC is back to food poisoning the other team's best player like they did to Kobe a few years back in the playoffs.


A few things to add:

I think that Dallas's season in NEXT YEAR. They need one run in the playoffs with this roster and they have had too many injuries this year. I think that they are the 3rd best team in the league, but a distant 3rd at that.

I saw the SAC-WIZ game. Fun stuff if you enjoy the slugfest that Sacramento is becoming. For the second game in a row a King player has been ejected (Ron Artest influence?). Kenny Thomas tried to take out Carron Butler on a layup and ended up giving him a HUGE gash with 5 stitches.

I look at Sacramento and I see a team that's missing chemistry and offensive cohesion. They may get swept in the first round.

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