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March 05, 2006



the 76ers lost this game and handed it to the Pacers on a silver platter (have they already given up on the season now that the deadline has passed and no moves were made)

never mind the fact that Jackson's layup was a blatant travelling violation and then Philly held on to the ball too long on the second to last posession causing a shot clock turnover only then to have Webber throw up a three to try to win the game because they couldnt get the ball to AI

man they have serious issues i seriously wouldnt blame Iverson if he pulled a Ricky Williams and quit on his team


First off cocksucker, obnoxious post??? Read the entire thing and it shows a fair and balanced perspective on the game. We ALL agree that as funny/entertaining as Mason is with his "Dee-toit, bas-ket-ball!!!!" it also merits MAJOR ridicule!

Secondly, unless we're talking the Chicago Bears of the 1980's, "Keith Van Horn - injured" is actually better for his team. Just ask New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Milwaukee about KHV's importance. True, Josh Howard is a key component to the Mavs, but he needs to be more durable. Doesn't it seem like he's always injured?

As good as Howard is, Dallas needs to have the other 11 players on their roster play better defense down the stretch. If not THE CLIPPERS will beat them in the first round.


Yes, Howard should be more durable, and no, Van Horn isn't that great. Dallas is a very deep team and should have beaten PHX anyway, but it does mess with chemistry (remember your take on Amare?) to have your lineup and substitution patterns constantly changing...dickhole!


ahh brotherly love


As my friend Joey would say...penisbot, go have machine sex!

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