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March 10, 2006



Hyperbole is the sports writer's best friend. They have to find the Ultimate Secret Meaning in every game. Because if there's no meaning, why should we read? Why should we listen to them on the radio, or on ESPN, or whatever? Because EVERY GAME MEANS SOMETHING. You just have to find the angle.

I prefer to think of the Nash-as-MVP argument in terms of what he's done with what he's got. For God sakes, Kurt Thomas went down and everyone made a big deal about it. You know why? Because playing with Nash made KT look significant again. Without Amare, I'm not sure the Suns have that much more firepower than, say, the Lakers. But look at the records. Nash makes his teammates better. Kobe makes great highlight films.

Chris Clarke

That doesn't sound like Dirk's voice. It's not supposed to be, is it?



It actually is Dirk's voice, it's from a ringtone he recorded. I blogged about it a while ago here:

Or if you're not interested in my thoughts you can get the ringtones by themselves here:

It always cracks me up because it makes absolutely no sense.


Man suns can beat anybody that SUCKS ha dang... man well nash is da bomb.. he can ball u up like nothing.. so the spurs just got lucky.. haha paker u get ball up by da one nd only STEVE NASH > so back off the suns.. paker sucks.. who knows the truth that paker sucks.. haha yeah Go SuNs WiN tHiS yEaRs....

jordans air

I like the writing structure of your blog and it does a pretty decent job of presenting the material.

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