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March 16, 2006


J.E. Skeets

Syracuse screwed me.

I almost hit a 7-game ML parlay, picking the NBA's Miami, Seattle and Golden State along with the NCAA's Duke, Gonzaga, Illinois, UCLA and Syracuse all to win. F-bomb!

Thank God it's St. Patrick's Day today because I hate the color orange right now...


Please tell me you were in the sportsbook for the end of the Georgetown game, that would have been crazy.


Syracuse screwed me also. I was also surrounded by A&M fans whoping it up since 2-0. So I just sat there and stewed about.

Dan Sargent

It is Monday morning, time for me to respond to some March Madness days of my own since I was there .
There is 1 thing Craig AKA Blog Man forgot to mention. During the first day of the games craig disappears for 2 hours. Now for all of us who know him, he would never be tackled by some black jack tables. Instead he goes up to the room to type his BLOG. If your going to go to Vegas during march madness to type on the blog I would of stayed at home.

By the way all of us who have been at the dust for 10+ years have been mis-led. The Las Vegas Hilton is the place to be to gamble. They have prob bets, a drink lady who comes around to you and free soda re-fills as well. We have found our new home.

It is Friday Morning and Craig challenges me to see who can hold thier Alchol better. Lets see there is no contest there. By 2:00 and 8 or 9 shots later and 4 or 5 beers Craig's eyes are very blood shot and he wants to take a little nap... I will say he man's up and just chews on some sunflower seeds...

I will say that Craig would of had a 3 team round robin if one of our friends didnt bet on spring training baseball where the Dodgers and Mets Tie....

March Madness is the best time to be in vegas.... Especially with "BLOG BOY"

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