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March 08, 2006



very funny link


A very disturbingly real link. How soon before Gary Coleman will be pitching adult diapers or male sexual disfunction drugs.


Oh, like Coleman is such a well-respected member of society that this is somehow disturbing? It's the only thing keeping his mouth off the glass dique.


At least he hasn't gone the way our friend Scottie Schwartz went. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0152310/


I hope you'd like to know that I bet my house on the damn game. They lost by 6 friggin points and now I've got jack shit.


Sorry about that, but I'm writing this from my friend's house as I just sold my computer for cash.

Dan Sargent

Carig I cant believe that you had to sleep at J.P's( a local bar which is right next to his house and I mean right next) last night since you lost your house. Looks like you will be sleeping on Las Vegas blvd next week when we are there next week since you will be begging for money to re-buy your house!!!!

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