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March 30, 2006



Phil Jackson lives and dies by his coaching philosophies. He simply does not believe in calling timeouts when his team is in trouble. It's one of the few criticisms anyone ever brings up about him -- besides the fact that he's now fat. But he honestly believes that the team learns more about themselves and how to deal with pressure if they play through those rough stretches. He even said in The Last Season that he KNOWS he loses several games each season because of this, but that the learning experience is more significant than a single win or loss.

Maybe he's right. Maybe he's wrong. Maybe he just dropped too much acid in the 60s and 70s. But he has 9 rings, makes 10 mil a year, and he's having sex with Jeannie Buss, probably right now. I have a feeling he'll keep doing things his way.

I do greatly appreciate the many time-out pics, though.


So wait, how do you call a timeout again?

It sounds as if you actually think the Lakers could have/should have beaten the Spurs. As much as we don't like the Spurs, why would you let yourself get emotionally invested in the thought of a Laker win, when if SA tries at all you know they'll get the W? You should follow your own advice and not go to any Spurs games!


I knew the Lakers would lose the game, but it's how they lost it that killed me.

It falls into the category of "I knew it would happen and I'm mad because I'm right."

All season the Lakers have blown leads as the other team goes on some ungodly run. Besides Kobe and Lamar, the rest of the Lakers' basketball I.Q. makes Vince Young look like Steven Hawking (BTW - Vince Young throws EXACTLY like Steven Hawking). This team cannot survive by solving their own problems, they're too stupid.

Anyway, given that I hate the Spurs more than AIDS and the fact that the Lakers were hanging with them, Jackson could have "sensed the moment" and tried to "alter the mood" by trying to change momentum. Hell, the least he could have done is tell the guys to stop throwing lazy cross-court passes against the Spurs and attack the cup. The Lakers were in the bonus 3 minutes into the third quarter.

Back in 2000, Laker fans not used to Jackson’s methods would pop a vein screaming for timeouts. The difference was that those teams were veteran laden and learned how to get out of their own troubles. Most Laker fans prefer the screaming sideline antics like most college basketball coaches. This is why Rudy Tomjanovich (possibly the worst coach in the history of the NBA to win a title) got a pass with Laker fans. He spent the entire game screaming and jumping up and down. Laker fans all approved, thinking, “Hey, this guy really knows how to coach.” When the end result was the worst Laker team in 10 years.

I always hated those fans who got on Phil for laying low during games. I know that he did most of his coaching during practice. He taught his players to prepare for and expect difficult situations. They all learned how to succeed and overcome huge deficits (Portland in Game 7, that Dallas 4th quarter rally in 2003).

This season is very different. I still think that Jackson has done a marvelous job with this Laker team. His in-game adjustments have been late or not at all. I’m not asking him to pull a Rudy T and run up and down the sideline; he just needs to be more of a leader for this team. This is why the Lakers are horrible in the 3rd quarter.

Just mix in one timeout.


They don't call him the Zen-master for nothing.

supra for boy

If you wish to be the best man, you must suffer the bitterest of the bitter.

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