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March 30, 2006



Bowen an Olympian ?. Too bad Fortson was no longer in the Seattle's line up.


I don't understand all the hate for the Spurs. Manu and TP are two of the most electrifying players in the league. Sure they're not the Suns but who is? Tell me how watching the one-man Laker show or the Wizards or whoever the heck you root for is so much more exciting cuz I don't have a clue. Then again I'm a raptor fan who watches BS ball all season long so you can imagine my shock and awe when I see the game played on a world-class level.


"Manu and TP are two of the most electrifying players in the league."

I just spent the past 20 minutes cleaning off my computer screen from the giant spit take...

Tony Longoria and Manu Gi-floppi are NOT electrifying!

Driving down the lane on zero defense and watching 2,342 shots of an anorexic psycho-actress cheering her French boyfriend is NOT electrifying.

Flailing around, flopping around, carrying the ball on EVERY SINGLE DRIVE is not electrifying.

You want electrifying... check out Detroit. Their team defense and overall clutch play is electrifying. Check out Dallas, going twelve deep with long athletic swingman who all have the ability to drop 15-20 points a night is electrifying. Check out Phoenix, running a high paced, fastbreak offense that takes us all back to the NBA glory years of the 80's is electrifying.

The Spurs win and they play defense, but there's nothing entertaining, personable, likable and exciting about them. Knock their Euro-heavy lineup on their asses (2004 playoffs) and they shy from contact. There's nothing electrifying about that... AT ALL.


Edward...Penishands?! Why? Dear merciful Zues, why?


Is it their fault that teams still can't defend them? The beauty of the Spurs is that they don't just play one of the finest forms of the game, they excel at all of them.

The smothering Piston D? Please. Run and gun Suns ball? No problem. Shaq, Dirk, Wade? Get real. And it's not like the Spurs sink to the level of their competition either.

"Team defense and overall clutch play" equally applies to SA as it does to Det. And I don't see lunch-pail, blue-collar ethic as more exciting. Tayshaun Prince, Billups, Rip MORE electrifying? Hell no. Maybe Sheed and his antics and Ben with frow and goggles on but that's got nothing to do with style of play.

The Mavs and their "twelve deep with long athletic swingman who all have the ability to drop 15-20 points"? The spurs bench maybe isn't as deep but how are Harris, Daniels, Griffin, Van Horn (!) more electrifying? If they're more exciting, its because of the raucous crowd, Cuban, and Dirk, who is every bit as personable and likeable as Tim. They're 1 and 3 defensively in the L, so it can't be style of play.

With the exception of maybe Bowen, the Spurs are classy and professional (not that others aren't) but too bad it gets misconstrued with "boring". Hate them bc they're the cream of the crop, TP bc he dates Longoria, Manu bc he flails but their game sure as heck isn't boring.

BTW, the Spurs lost in 2004 due to 0.04 (or was it 0.0004?) not becuase TP and Manu were soft. If in fact it was because they shied away from contact well then what is exciting is about them is watching them "grow up" and absorbing all the flagrants and crap thrown at them in 2005 AND coming out on top. Manu was hands down the MVP then and his performance was electrifying.


"Manu was hands down the MVP then and his performance was electrifying."

Ladies and gentlemen, the true definition of hyperbole!

Which part of the 11.3 ppg. that Gi-flopi averaged at Detroit during the finals made him the MVP?

Any Spurs... any true hoops fan would acknowledge that Robert Horry was the MVP of the Finals. He's their only clutch player and his performance in Game 5 ranks up there with the greats.

Regarding 2004... the Lakers turned the series completely around in games 3 and 4 as soon as they started knocking the Spurs foreign legion on their asses. In games 1 and 2, Longoria averaged 25 ppg. After Payton started knocking the Frog around his average dropped. Longoria averaged 12.5 ppg in games 3-6. And regarding the 0.4, the Lakers led that game the entire way until Duncan's lucky bank from the top of the key. Fisher's shot just sealed the deal. Remember, the Lakers rolled SA in game 6.


Playoff MVP. I know they call it the Finals MVP but they can't possibly literally mean the MVP of 4-7 games (or even 1 game by your account). Disregarding one's accomplishments in the other 3 rounds is bologny.

It's easy to look at what Gino didn't do, but he sure as hell did more good than bad...like the drive and dish in G5 to free up Horry for the winning shot.

Regardless, I stand by my original argument. The Spurs ain't boring.


"Regardless, I stand by my original argument. The Spurs ain't boring."

We'll just have to agree to disagree.

Though I wouldn't give Gyno too much credit for the dish to Horry for the game winner in 5. It's Pockavich's offense (drive and kick) that led to that shot. Plus, you gotta give my man Horry more props, the dude flat out hits the clutch shots 99% of the time.

(The only miss I remember was game 5 of the 2003 Spurs-Lakers series as the Lakers came back from a 21 point 4th quarter deficit only to have Horry miss a potential game winner.)

Good points though, I'm always down for NBA riffs/arguments any time.

G Scharein

I missed the "intelligent" part.

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