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February 20, 2006


Jamie Mottram

GREAT note regarding and pic of Magic's jersey. I love having him and Barkley being on the same telecast. One of them is hilarious and the other is unintentionally so.


i agree the most impressive thing of the dunk contest was the fact that spudd did not flinch

iggy was robbed...only because of nate's numerous attempts, if he makes all those dunks on the first or second attempts i say give it to him otherwise it loses its effect but hey just like "the" game's MVP decision was predetermined by Stern (james over T-mac) so was the winner of the dunk contest...

like i said they should nix the whole thing and make the weekend a massive fan determined:

one on one or 2 v 2 tourney

(before the player's association cashes in on the idea)


Didn't Spud lean backwards a little when Nate was flying over him? That might just have been from the force of the wind from Nate.


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