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February 27, 2006



Hey, looks like there is a REAL MVP in the photo with Kobe:
Miss Violet Palmer

Dan Sargent

There was an MVP of a team that was going anywhere. Michael Jordan of the 1994-1995 Bulls. Sure they made the playoffs just like the Lakers will do this year. They will be a 7 or 8 seed. THe question is MOST valuable player. Where would the Lakers be without Kobe???? Detroit would still be way over 500 with Chauncey. Phoenix would still be leading the West since they have the "Matrix" and some nice role players. The Lakers have NOBODY who they can go to when he is out.
That is the defination of MVP not BEST NBA TEAM.


Jordan was not MVP in 1994-95. He came out of retirement to play the last 17 games for a team that lost in the second round to Orlando.

Kobe is carrying the Lakers to a .500 record. Without him they are the WORST team in the NBA. All true, but Detroit, Phoenix and the Clippers, all face teams that bring their "A" game. Teams playing the Lakers know they suck and tend to coast.

MVP awards should be given to players that take teams to the next level. It's easier to carry a team to a .500 level than lead a team to playoff contender.


Violet Palmer should be named the MVC!

J.E. Skeets

"Phoenix would still be leading the West since they have the "Matrix" and some nice role players."

Where's the emoticon for "spitting my Ginger Ale all over the keyboard" when you need one?

You're kidding right?

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