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January 02, 2006


Ryan Burke

Hey the writer of this is a dumbass! so dont listen to this b/s Pat burke makes more money than him in a year and their is a reason why he plays in the NBA it is b/c he is good. So if u have a problem with him u have a problem with me! and when he is open he hits 78% of his shots so shove it! if u r gona blame him b/c he missed one shot u r a dick and look that when didnt cost then they r still in 1st place in the pacific divison!

Brad Hamer

Intelligent NBA commentary ... The guy missed a shot. Get over it. Who are you to criticise people who work for a living?


Pat Burke is better than you'll ever be. Your a discrace to basketball and to the entire world.

Pat Burke

intelligent commentary from the two biggest ASSHOLES on the planet


holy shit! am i reading the date right? this was a year ago. it's 2007, let's move on, shall we. also, stop pretending to be pat burke. you are fooling no one.


this writer is dumb....he cant analyze ball for shit thats why nobody knows him...big tough guy thinks he's smart blaming patt burke....stupid sports analysist my ass...go get a real job


are you serious mr sports writer... i saw that game and it was quite clear that pat burke missed it on perpose... did they need the win? no so whats the point of pat burke wasting a swished 3 on that.. when the game means something pat burke will play... everyone knows that... pat burke is the greatest and most consistant shooter the game has ever known... can i get a HALLELUJAH!!!

Jordan Peters

yo you is a dick man pat burke can make more threes in a minute than you will in your life you dicky man

Dave O'Gorman

Is a 'sport analyst' the term for Failed-Jock-Wannabe? Get over it, Pat is more talented and successful than you will probably ever be. Some shots go in and some don't. Furthermore, I believe the use of the word 'anal' in your employment title is quite appropriate in this case.

Karl Fox

Rather than attack you with personal witicisms and obscure references to freakish film stars - I'll leave the childish tabloid journalism to you - I wonder would you like to respond to some of the comments? Seems too easy to post a random, unwarranted attack on a professional player? Do you think you know better than the Suns coach now also?

It's been quite a while since you posted this 'Opinion' and I am wondering if you have the balls to reassess your thoughts? A trip to YouTube may help? Criticise when it's deserved but be adult enough to give credit when it's due. If I was to read no other articles you wrote, I would say you were a one dimensional, wildly inaccurate, unimaginative and amateurish 'writer'... But what do i know eh?

"NBA White Stiffs"?? You are embarassing yourself...

You have my e-mail address - Feel free to send a Christmas card..

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