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December 05, 2005


Craig Kwasniewski

All good points except for the bad trade. However, Jerry Buss is the true guy to blame for the whole thing. He took a gamble and lost. Every year Shaq bitches and moans in October and by April he is in line for the playoff stretch. Phil allowed him to be this way because Shaw was always in Phil's corner (unlike Kobe...read Phil's book) And now the Lakers are a long shot to return to glory anytime soon.

Plus, the Lakers made the mistake of not trading Shaq to the Western Conference. At the time, all quality bigs (minus Indy and Detroit) were in the west. This prevented the Lakers from getting the like of Nowitzki.

Now tell me, who would you rather have, Brian Grant's contract and Odom or Nowitzki and Shawn Bradley.

And yes, the fact that he show's up woefully out of shape is crap. I booed the shit out of him then, but still Shaq in April/May will always be a title contender. Mihm and Kwame Brown...always lottery.

gabe bretado

All very good comments, ESPECIALLY on "fat" shaq's mouth, it is true that he decided to get "back" into shape after he got traded to Miami. i think he decided to get back on Jenny Craig after he was spending more time time with the L.A.P.D. and Sherrif's Dept. than the Lakers. He got too comfortable at Staples Ct.. They told him " if you win a championship here then this is yours" Well i think he took that literally, and let Kobe do the rest of the work. Dr.Buss is at fault by letting Jerry West go but that's it! Shaq's big mouth is too blame, here's a head's up S. Fla. keep that big idiot happy cause no matter who you got on that court, no matter if he's on the court, no matter who's coaching Shaq thinks because he can rebound the ball he's the only one on the court

Yesenia Flores

Most comments are good, but saying that lakers aren't good without Shaq is a bunch of bullshit!! Lakers made it to the NBA Finals last season and they are in it again this season and for sure going to win the championship and where is Shaq?? Yea not on the Lakers team...more like sitting his fatass on his couch hating on the Lakers and regretting ever mouthing off and acting like a total idiot! He wishes he was with the Lakers and he thinks hes all cool because he won a championship with the Miami Heats without Kobe...well its payback time because Kobe's going to get that ring without his stupidass help!! Shaq just couldn't take that the Lakers was and still is Kobes team not his and he was and still is jelous of him!

GOOOOOO Lakers!!!


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