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December 01, 2005



the game has proven if nothing else that Dallas (without JoHo) is still primarily a jump shooting team and jumpers lead to streaks -both hot and cold-(hopefully not a nude streaking drunk Nowitzki). I mean look at their last few games...

Their last win was in Miami (because a 2 point victory in Toronto just does not count) and we know how all those games finished
(predictable jumpers)

Their more than decent start to the season has shown us that that they are not far from competing with the upper echelon teams of the league and are missing only a player or two at the most.

Brett Edwards

Couple of quick takes. Dallas was up 3 with the ball, with like 40 seconds left, when Van Horn literally threw the ball out of bounds. That was basically it, Tony L. got his 27th layup on the following possession, and the rest was documented here.

This was not a particularly well-played game, both stars (Duncan and Dirk) had off games, both teams had horrible turnovers, and both teams missed a lot of free throws. The only ones that played well were Bowen (cheater) and Tony L. (showing off for his woman).

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