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December 01, 2005


Craig Kwasniewski

The little hidden secret in The Association. Just ask David Wesley and is neck acne.


I can see where you would go and make those comments about zo, but dont compare himt o lance armstrong. A kidney transplant is a lil bit different than going on chemo. If you knew anything about Lance you would know that he has a freakishly high oxygen lung capacity that he had before the drugs. The man also revolutionized training for the tour de france, going through and training absurdly hard on the actual courses months in advance. Only ignorant ppl would make an argument that having cancer could somehow improve ones phyiscal abilities to the tune of seven straight tour de frances when he has also been the most drug tested athlete during that span.


call me a coward but i will be staying away from this one


Whazz up?

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Thanks bros

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