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December 20, 2005



I could blame the loss on those ugly green Maverick jerseys but once again Chris Mihm outplays Dampier.

The only thing that troubles me with the Laker victory is that no one else even scored or rebounded in double digits.

(kinda scary that Kobe didnt even play the 4th)

u saw the ref give the "T" "with his two index fingers in a subtle way" from the nosebleed rafters... man u got some good eyes (or some Big Ben Wallace goggles)


Dampier REALLY sucks. Just remember Dallas signed him instead of Nash.

I saw the "T" with high powered binoculars (because of how far away my seats are).


I watched the first 3 quarters, and I agree 100% with the assertion that he wasn't forcing anything until late in the 3rd. Let's see, Kobe had 31 at halftime, then drops 30 in the 3rd quarter?! Nice halftime adjustment. Also, the reason he didn't play the 4th quarter was due to the 30+ point lead, not because he or Phil decided not to. There would be absolutely no reason to pile on his point total, and Kobe would have just been asking for more flagrant fouls.

What surprised me is that no one on the Mavs took it upon themselves to say "alright, he's not scoring anymore" by double and triple teaming him. Haven't we all played in games where one guy on the other team is going gangsta on us? Usually when that happens, and you know you're going to lose, you just throw everyone defensively at the superstar because you're tired of him scoring on you at will.


"What surprised me is that no one on the Mavs took it upon themselves to say "alright, he's not scoring anymore" by double and triple teaming him."

Actually the Mavs did try to double and triple team Kobe. Kobe either drew the foul or hit a sick shot. The only times Dallas didn't guard Kobe was for a few 3 pointers. Other than that, Dallas was always swarming him, Kobe was just hot.

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