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November 16, 2005


Toni Kukoc

Yeah Dawg, fuck that guy!!!!

Craig Kwasniewski

Wow! Vlade looks like a pedofile in this picture. "Het little boy, want some candy?"

Ratko Mladic

Hey.. just read the blog.

You are the biggest fucking idiot im never hoping to meet. Vlade hating? Easily the best international player to ever grace the courts in the NBA and up there with the rest. In his time, he was one of the greatest centres i've ever watched. In the league with robinson, shaq, hakeem and the rest. Its just because of his religion that he's hated on and never given th e recognition which he deserves. If you watched him at Kings at least once, you'd know he dominated the court every single night. Even with bad stats on paper he still influenced the game heavily. The kings were the best team for every season he was there. Its because of players like jackson, bibby and webber that the title was thrown away. He had a bad season at lakers because the lakers needed him within the coaching ranks to be a scout and shit like that before any other team got him, and thats worth 5 mil a year to them.

As for him dodging the military.. he's been playing basketball for the past 20 years, it may have been a little hard to fit it in. It all turned out to be a joke anyway and he was let off.

I also saw the cheap darko shot, now that he's at magic you can trust that he will make you eat your words sooner than you think.

As for the homo pics.. real mature.

Michael Jordan

Vlade rules!!! You can just suck his cock and gossip around...none of these bull shit is true! He have a wife, kids..you are so stupid!
He knows how to raise the team, not only on the court,but also on the bench..that is the reason why he is too broadcast, he plays basketball because he enjoy, he loves it! YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!


vlade divac is like the best basketball player the only reason he hugs the people is because he is so happy . And the person that wrote that hate letter about Devac is is gay because he does NOT know shet about him. ONE MORE THING I AM ONLY 13 YEARS OLD AND I KNOW MORE ABOUT VLADE DIVAC THEN THAT GAY MOTHERFUCKER BECAUSE I AM SERBIAN


dude michael jordan is right u motherfuckers .LOL that is a shame about u pleople writing a message abput divac


i saw the sencond comment by CRAIG KWASNIEWSKI why the fuck do you write things about VLADE DIVAC like you wrote "Wow! Vlade looks like a pedofile in this picture. "Het little boy, want some candy?" gO AND SUCK MY COCK U SON OF A BITCH YOU ARE PROBABLY JELIOUS BECAUSE U R NOT AS RICH AS DIVAZ and i know why u wrote that message because u live in a cabord box u idiot

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