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November 29, 2005



Before you start jerking off Dirk Nowitzki and the rest of the Mavericks, can you please remind yourself that champions aren't won in November. Toronto is 1-14 for a reason, they shouldnt need josh howard to more than squeek by. Also Did you not watch the way irk (No D in dirk) collapsed against phoenix last year? when he couldnt buy a bucket cameras caught him multpile times bitching out his teamates. Whata great team leader for June.

Brett Edwards

All good points David, but since this *is* November, I can only talk about how teams are playing right now. And just remember that Dirk wasn't the one that was supposed to guard Steve Nash when he dribbled the length of the floor and hit an uncontested 3 to send that playoff game into OT, that was Jason Terry's responsibility, and he deserved to be bitched out for that IMHO.

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My point? Other than a self-aggrandizing personal anecdote? In pro hoops, when it takes an extraordinary individual performance to eek out a 2-point win on your home court...you're in trouble. Because, while it's impressive, you can't duplicate that magic every time you play someone. And you have to figure Wade probably wouldn't have gone off like that in Detroit.

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