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January 26, 2010


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You should relaly start including free picks on your record.My brother and I are both members (don't worry we both pay) I am Diamond he is NBA Monthly.But I know we have both played your free picks since you started giving them and have done very well.Since you average 2 to 3 units on our members plays we both play 2 units a piece on the free picks unless we already liked it and we play 3.Do you realize that that your free picks alone wipe out the one bad week which you call week 3? Wanted to give credit where credit is due.There is still time left in Washington game so not trying to squeeze you,but it looks over to me.One more idea,have you considered playing totals? Your numbers have been great against the totals but you do not mention them? Another spot to give credit where credit is due. Thank you for the Lakers JD.I do not expect you to reply,sorry if I am out of line.

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