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January 12, 2009



You don't need to worry about Wade, as Lebron has the MVP wrapped up.

And your telling Phil Jackson what "he needs to get a better feel of the game down the stretch" is hilarious. The guy has how many rings?? But hey, you watch a lot of games so you must know more than him. Damn, maybe the Lakers should just fire Jackson and hire you...

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That’s why, over the weekend, Bruins management felt it would benefit Caron to play for the organization’s AHL affiliate, the Providence Bruins in order to get more ice time than he’s been getting in Boston. He was assigned to the P-Bruins following the Bruins’ 4-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks on Saturday, and Caron played for Providence on Sunday and registered an assist in a 3-2 loss to Albany.

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