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March 03, 2007



craig, is this a cry for help? i know how devastating it must be to watch your team's season go down in flames right before your eyes, but this is not a healthy part of the grieving process. here's an idea: why don't they lakers just sign magic, kareem, worthy, etc. & put the original showtime squad on the court and see who breaks a hip first. hell, rambis is right there on the bench, put some nuthuggers on him and get his ass out there. they can all just stand around and watch kobe shoot. not much will change, really.


"stand around and watch kobe shoot"

Isn't that what Bowen's relegated to this season?

And to answer your question... of course I'm grieving. You'd be too if your relegated to the likes of Smush Parker, Brian Cook and Kwame Brown to save the season. (Damn I'm, feeling sick just typing this.)

I can't really find the Spurs equivalent to those three because their GM actually knows what he's doing. Mitch just shrugs his shoulders and talks about how good the Lakers would be if they didn't have injuries and then falls back into hibernation.



I figured that the "Pippen to L.A." scenario was a longshot until Odom went down. Now it's a no-brainer. The Lakers need a band-aid, even if that band-aid looks like it's been used and dragged through the dirt.

Unfortunately, I see this being a "Pistol Pete with the 1979-80 Celtics" type of situation, with Pip still having some skills but getting very little PT. Then he'll re-retire and this will be a meaningless footnote until Pippen dies and they rewrite all his biographies.


the lakers need more than pippen to become a serious contenders to the nba crown .
they don't need pippe. they don't need jabbar or magic . 0h wait maybe they need magic.
magic of the david copperfield kind ... to make the suns ,the spurs and the mavs dissapear!


I'd like to see it, but I still think he's doing it more for the money... which is never good.


Like Tim Duncan said in responding to Pippen coming to the Spurs:

Interviewer: 'He has six rings'

Duncan: 'So does Bill Russell, that doesn't mean we want him on the team'

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