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November 08, 2006



harrington w/ his colored tomahawk hair and miller w/ his a girlie headband ! what with these guys ? lack of attention ?


see also: dunleavey, michael jr.


I think Miller and Troy Hudson would make a beautiful same sex coupling

erin p.

the hormones are really kicking in now...



WOW how is that photo actually real?! Thanks for the link I'm posting it now.


So what? The guy's got some style. Your all just jealous and insecure with ur sexuality. Sad...


looks sweet to me. miller isn't the best looking cat but it's sweet none the less


His hair is awesome and it doesn't seem to interfere with his game. He added some style to his hair so that makes him feminine? Just a note that women like guys that take time and effort into thier appearance.

mikey moore

hey mikey moore of the nets wears one

check it out.


miki moore wears one, how come no ones bashing him>?


hey fag,,, leave mike miller alone hes awesome,, not only is he a great player hes a great person..

he does his party for his community,, he donated 4 million dollars to create a wing at his home town hospital...

i agree with your fantasy team bit though


Its looks alright, its pure Euro soccer star hair. And Mike Miller is a sick player too, closest thing to a white swingman in the league..lol


Its looks alright, its pure Euro soccer star hair. And Mike Miller is a sick player too, closest thing to a white swingman in the league..lol


look leave mike alone he is a great person I know him and if you ever meet him you will know that he is forsure not fag and if you dont believe me look at his wife she is sooooo hot so dont talk about shit you dont know about

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