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October 27, 2006



the clips maybe for real but they still are ugly , dude .
no appeal ...'cept to ufo crazies !


maybe kinks was a better word?


The Clips are for real,they will win 50 games this year.


as much as i would like to see the clips advance, I cannot see it happening too much beyond a first round exit, especially in the west. I'm not going to knock players outside of what you already pointed out, but: I am going to have to disagree that dunleavy has ANY idea what is happening on the court. his direct coaching the orders had the clips dropping the ball (ahem) in the playoffs, and in meaningful games all season... This season, I predict more of the same. That said, I can't think of too many players I like to watch more than Cassell, who has an enjoyment and knowledge of the game far beyond many of his contemporaries, and I am really looking forward to Shaun Livingston blowing the eff up this year when Cassell gets some more (needed) rest time.

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I have my hopes for the clips. If they can win 50 games, I will be psyched.

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