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June 01, 2006



The dude is obviously a fellow countryman of Vlade's and doesn't understand basketball or have a sense of humour.


I don't even know what religion Vlade is (nor do I care), but I've been hating on him for as long as I can remember.


We feel you, Craig. We get LOTS of hate mail. I swear by Odin's Bristling Beard that I got a hate mailing this week threatening to delete our site. It makes me chuckle. Don't they know their hate only makes us stronger?


I know I already commented on this, but man, Vlade is SUCH a coksucker! Fuck that guy.


B-Bawful, I'm sure you got BRUTAL hate after the Gatorade post (which was brilliant!).


Dude, I had to turn on comment moderation after that Gatorade post. about 95 percent of the comments and e-mail we got were positive, but the other 10 percent, well, let me put it this way: I'm still travelling with armed body guards.

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